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k guys wen i get some stuff sorted out i might do a co-op pokemon b/w walkthrough with pkmntv100.
Ok guys POKEMON BLACK & WHITE IS OUT!!!! DOWNLOAD THE ROMS AND WHATEVER. But if you're like me the only language you can read is English and you're going to wait for the English version. but if you're like tv or bunny you can magically read Japanese. C yaz next tiime
I have now been corrected by the "brains of the group". It is Taliban.
Hey guys! Just a bit of random stuff. So me and pokemontv were sitting in English class and we were told to write a story. We came up with something so random that random can't describe it.

There was a spy for hire called Steven Trial (I made the name up btw) and he was asked by the American government to see if he could find a valuable diamond. But the Teleban (not sure if I spelled that right) wanted it before him. Steven then finds the diamond but the Teleban (still not sure) run after him. He runs to the beach and makes himself a raft. Then sails out to see. But then the Somali Pirates find him and capture him. That night he tries to escape but is caught and then shot to death. The End! Try sleeping tonight and then remember this. It will haunt you for eternity! See ya!
Hi guys! anon7096 here with my section of this site. hope to here from you guys soon! If you have a Youtube account then drop by my channel sometime and message me. I'm always open for a nice little chat. Here's the link to my channel: